Komboloinyc is a small, home-based store that specializes mostly in Greek style Worry Beads “Komboloi” and “Mbegleri”, and Muslim style prayer beads “Tespih”, but also unique, Handcrafted Jewelry. Our raw materials come ONLY from the most reputable mining sources from around the globe, and we work closely with the most artisanal and talented precious and semi-precious metal workshops and lapidarists from around the world, to ensure we provide all of our customers with the purest, and highest quality of Gemstones, and other parts. All of our products are made From Natural, Organic materials.

We are a small team of 3, sometimes 4 people. Everything is crafted with great attention to detail, but also with great respect in Nature, History, and Tradition.

Our Gems will age beautifully over the years, and can be passed on for many generations to come…

Thank you for visiting!

Sincerely, Greg C.

Multicolor Natural Gems Necklace
Hand Carved Bone & Tiger's Eye
Ivory & Ebony Handmade Worry Beads
Amethyst - Citrine - Pink Quartz
Royal Amber Handmade Komboloi
Natural Amber Greek Komboloi
Tiger's Eye Bracelets
Greek Begleri
Mini Komboloi
Handmade Greek Begleri
Baltic Amber Handmade Komboloi
High Quality Handcrafted Worry Beads
Natural Horn Greek Style Komboloi