Nice deatails on faceted Black Onyx teardrop cut stones, that are put on custom made frames made of 925 Sterling Silver that is plated with 18K Gold. Connected with two small chains of the same material, the stones are hanging from an 8mm round piece, casted again with 925 Sterling Silver covered with 18K Gold. A beautiful pair more of a classic style. Suitable mostly for more formal outfits, it will definetly add a classy look and make you stand out.

Drop Earrings Black Onyx on 18K Gold covered 925 Sterling Silver

$150.00 Regular Price
$115.00Sale Price
  • Materials Black Onyx, Sterling Silver, 18K Gold
    Color Black, Gold
    Length 43 mm - 1.69 inches
    Total Weight  4 gr
    Beads 2
    Bead Size +/-

    10 mm - 13 mm