An Exlusive Design from our workshop! Unique in style, with an interlocking pattern. This Natural Gemstone Bracelet is feminine, stylish, and will add a fashionable every day look, for all occasions! Each bead is cut, drilled, and polished with great detail individually. Durable waterproof string, 925 Sterling Silver custom Handmade parts, with the warm Carnelian semiprecious stone made this lovely accessory a MUST have! 

** Wrist sizes 6.5" - 9.5"


Carnelian "Faceted" Gemstone Bracelet, with 925 Sterling Silver details

  • Materials Carnelian, Sterling Silver
    Color Red, Orange - Yellow, Silver
    Length 7.5 inches/19.05 cm, Adjustable
    Weight 14 gr
    Beads 31
    Bead Size +/- 8 x 8 mm