Citrine is a transparent, yellow variety of Quartz, ranging in color from pale to golden yellow, honey or almost brown, and may contain rainbow or sparkle inclusions. The name comes from the French word citron, meaning lemon. Citrine is a stone as bright as its energy. Everything about this stone emanates positivity and joy. Found naturally in Brazil, Africa, Madagascar, Spain, Russia, France, Scotland and USA, this gemstone has been an ornamental gem for civilizations as early as 300 B.C., and a favorite with jewelry makers since the ancient Greeks and Romans. Even in first century A.D., citrine was being fashioned into cabochon rings and used in intaglio work. Later in the 17th century, Queen Victoria would become fascinated by the beauty of the stone, and as a result it would be used by Scottish men in kilt pins, shoulder broaches, and to adorn their swords and the handles of their daggers. The stone’s popularity resurged again during the Art Deco era, as early Hollywood stars boasted citrine jewelry like elaborate broaches, grand necklaces and other pieces where large faceted citrine was the center piece.

Natural Citrine Gemstone bracelet.

32 stones are cut at this unique "faceted" style, and handbinded on a stretch bracelet. Nutural Yellow transluscent color with some nice inclusions. A lovely, and stylish women's bracelet.

Citrine Natural Gemstone "Faceted" Women's Bracelet

$75.00 Regular Price
$65.00Sale Price
  • Materials Citrine
    Color Yellow
    Length 8 inches/20.32 cm
    Weight 14 gr
    Beads 32
    Bead Size +/- 8 x 8 mm



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