This rare, Natural-colored Citrine is an excellent quality mined in Madagascar. A trace of iron in citrine’s structure is responsible for its yellow-to-orange color. Unique cilynder "faceted" cut, brings out maximum shine and luster to justify the beauty of this rare Gemstone. All 30 beads are individually cut, shaped, and polished by hand, and then coplimented with 925 Silver parts, and a Yellow matching string that is waterproof and durable. Citrine is recognized as one of the most popular and frequently purchased Yellow gemstones. Along with topaz, Citrine is a birthstone for November. It’s also recognized as the gem that commemorates the thirteenth anniversary. Wear it every day to radiate warmth and sunshine around you, or gift it to someone special! 


Citrine, Natural Gemstone w/ 925 Sterling Silver, adjustable Unisex Bracelet

  • Materials Citrine, 925 Sterling Silver
    Color Yellow, Silver
    Length 7- 9 inches (17.78 - 22.86 cm) Adjustable
    Weight 18 gr
    Beads 30
    Bead Size +/- 7 x 5 mm