Here is a great exaple of carrying and showcasing traditional Craftsmanship techiques!

This table size Vintage Worry Beads set is made with Fossilized Nepalese Sea Sell. These beautiful Sea creatures are mainly harvested along the coast, and have been used as ornaments for over 4000 years! 

There are 33 main beads hand shaped, and Hand-decorated with a traditional Turquoise & Coral paste. Each main bead measures 16mm. On the finishing we placed an oval large impressive bead of the same material and is held in place with a bicolor string, and lovely hand knotted details. Finally at the very top end we placed 24 small beads in a 4 string raw, with small 925 Sterling Silver details.

An absolutely beautiful & exclusive piece of thematic decoration, a great conversation piece, and an ideal Collectors item! 



Collectable Sea Shell Worry Beads, Turquoise Paste, Sterling Silver (Table Size)

SKU: HM292
  • Weight 223 gr
    Materials Natural Fossilized Sea Sell, 925 Sterling Silver 
    Color Multicolor
    Beads 33 (main) + 25 Decorative
    Bead size +/- 16mm - 15 x 30mm - 7mm