Selected clear Honey color Amber is carefully hand engraved on the back by using special tools and techniques. The shape and engraved patterns are all inspired from the Greek Antiquity with focus on the clear lines and the fine details. The rounded well polished front, to give a nice luster on the pendant. The Amber is finally set on a Sterling Silver setting which is covered with a layer of 18 Carats Gold layer of 3 micron thickness. A very impressive and unique hand crafted piece of jewellery made of natural materials. Elegant, suitable for any occasion.


Hand Engraved Natural Amber Pendant, Gold Plated on 925 Sterling Silver Setting

$240.00 Regular Price
$190.00Sale Price
  • Material Amber, Sterling Silver, Gold
    Color Amber, Gold
    Weight 4 gr
    Length  18 inches/45.72 cm
    Pendant Size 27L x 12W x 5H mm