Howlite is made up of hydrous calcium borate and often creates nodules that look a lot like cauliflower heads. It’s usually a white or light grey opaque and porous stone with grey, black, or brown veining that looks much like a spider web. It’s often dyed green or blue to resemble a Turquoise, or red to look like a Coral. Howlite is also known by the names White Buffalo, Sacred Buffalo, Lapis Howlite, White Turquoise, Silico Boro Calcite and Kaolinite. It was named after the 19th century mineralogist Henry How who first discovered it in Nova Scotia. If you want to achieve a better understanding of yourself, of people, of the world, and of life itself, Howlite should be your go-to stone!


The name Hematite is derived from the Greek word for blood αἷμα haima, due to the red coloration found in some varieties of hematite. Is the mineral form of iron oxide one of several iron oxides. It is the oldest known iron oxide mineral and is widespread in rocks and soils. Hematite grounds and protects us. It strengthens our connection with the earth, making us feel safe and secure. It endows us with courage, strength, endurance and vitality. A "stone for the mind", Hematite stimulates concentration and focus, enhancing memory and original thought.


Onyx is a chalcedony, which is a variety of the microcrystalline quartz. A powerful protection stone, Black Onyx absorbs and transforms negative energy, and helps to prevent the drain of personal energy. Black Onyx aids the development of emotional and physical strength and stamina, especially when support is needed during times of stress, confusion or grief. Black Onyx fosters wise decision-making.

This 24 round bead bracelet has been put by hand on an elastic string. A trendy arrangement of Black & White colors. A stylish Unisex Bracelet made of Natural Gemstones!



Hawlite, Hematite, Black Onyx Natural Semi Precious Stones Women's Brace

  • Materials Black Onyx, Hawlite, Hematite
    Color Black, White, Silver
    Length 8.5 inches/20.95 cm
    Weight 26 gr
    Beads 19
    Bead Size +/- 7.5 - 10 mm