Greek Worry Bead set, crafted with Black Onyx oval shaped beads, 925 Sterling Silver, and Stainless steel parts. The 17 stones are cut, drilled, and shaped in our own workshop, and feature an excellent calibration, weight, and an incredible lustrous polish!! 

The precision in craftmanship of the beads, results in perfect weight and allows ecxellent playability!

A custom made Black Onyx head bead that consists of three parts/beads in two different shapes measures 17x10 mm, decorate the top part of the set, and it is nicely coplimented by a 925 "black" Sterling Silver part with the Hibiscus flower marking. A Stainless steel chain is used as always with our natural Gemstone Komboloi sets for extra durability.

This is a very pretty Worry Bead set, with plenty of fine details, ideal for a daily use, and absolutely a perfect gift!


Komboloi made of Black Onyx Semi Precious stone, 925 Sterling Silver, and Steel

  • Weight 51 gr
    Materials Black Onyx, 925 Silver, Stainless Steel
    Color Black, Silver
    Beads 17
    Bead size +/- 13x10 mm