Lapis lazuli, or Lapis (for short), is a deep-blue metamorphic rock used as a semi-precious stone that has been prized since antiquity for its intense color.

Here the 12 round 10mm beads display a beautiful polish & luster that is all worked by hand in our workshop, an addition of a center Vintage "Cloisonne" bead with smaller red Natural Coral dots, and 14K gold ribbon, coplimenting the design perfectly! All beads are handbinded with a red waterproof cord that is extremely durable.

A lovely everyday wrist accessory for Men or Women, made with Natural Lapis, Cloisonne beads, 14K Gold, 925 Silver, and durable materials. Perfect for a gift!

*Adjustable length 7-9" (17.78 - 22.86 cm) wrist.


*What makes Lapis Lazuli crystal one of the most powerful Gemstones is the combination of sulfur deposits and unique variations of gold and white specks from Calcite and Pyrite, the good luck stones.

Our Lapis is of an ecxeptional quality just like ALL other Natural Gemstones that are displayed here.


Lapis Lazuli Bracelet with Vintage Cloisonne bead, 14K Gold & 925 Silver

  • Materials Lapis Lazuli, 14K Gold, Sterling Silver, Coral
    Color Blue, Silver, Red
    Length 7- 9 inches (17.78 - 22.86 cm) Adjustable
    Weight 24 gr
    Beads 13
    Bead Size +/- 10 x 10 mm (round) - 11 x 14 (center bead)