Made with bigger & heavier Natural Buffalo Horn beads, this is an absolute beauty!

All 25 beads are barrel shaped, and have excellent calibration. The main color is brown in lighter and darker shades with beautifull hues of beige, grey, & black colors with lovely patterns of all the colors!

**The Natural Horn head bead here needs to be highlighted, and is one of my absolute favorites!! The craftmanship of this piece deserves a special mention to our most talented workshop people! 

To complete this beautiful piece, Custom made 925 Sterling Silver parts ( heavier that the rest of similar sets) and a smaller drumm shaped bead that measures +/- 13x12mm is set in betwen.

** Every bead is cut, shaped, carved and polished by hand in our workshop ensuring the stunning patterns & variations of all colors mentioned above are displayed !

This set has a good weight, excellent balance and playability! Ideal for every day heavy use, a collection, or a gift!  

Medium/Large Size Handmade Komboloi from Horn & 925 Silver

  • Weight 59 gr
    Materials Natural Horn/ 925 Sterling Silver 
    Color Grey, Beige, Black,  light Brown, White, Silver
    Beads 25
    Bead size +/- 14 x 12 mm