A Begleri is essentially a form of the Greek worry / prayer beads known as "Komboloi". they are used as a way to keep your hands busy and just as a general time waster or peace-of-mind creator...

Made of Resin, and AAA Acrylic materials, and Silver Plated base metal. Custom made Silver plated separators between every bead. 5 different bead sizes give a nice character to the set. The Amber-Orange color beads have beautiful variations and inclusions of lighter and darker brown & black colors.  Excellent balance, and playability! This pocket size acccessory is the ideal stress reliever for every day heavy use. Perfect small gift!


Mini Komboloi (Begleri), Orange, Amber, Brown color

  • Weight 32 gr
    Materials Resin, Acrylic, Base Metal
    Color Amber, Orange, Silver
    Beads 10
    Bead size +/- 19x13-16-13-11.5-9 mm