A Begleri is essentially a form of the Greek worry / prayer beads known as "Komboloi". they are used as a way to keep your hands busy and just as a general time waster or peace-of-mind creator...

Made of Resin, and AAA Acrylic materials, and Silver Plated base metal. Custom made Silver tone separators with nice pattern. 6 different bead sizes give a nice character to the set. Nice inclusions and variations of colors on every bead. Excellent balance, and playability! This pocket size acccessory is the ideal stress reliever for every day heavy use. Perfect small gift!


Mini Komboloi ( Begleri), Orange, Amber, Brown color

  • Weight 21 gr
    Materials Resin, Acrylic, Base Metal
    Color Amber-Orange, Honey, Silver
    Beads 6
    Bead Size 11-20.5x14-18x13 mm