A heavier Worry Bead set made from Natural Horn & 25 symmetrical barrel shaped beads. Nice weight and excellent calibrated cut with fine individual polish and drilling. Beautiful light brown, beige & grey, colors with lovely hues of white on every bead.

Natural Horn head bead is hand-carved, also with nicely marbled colors sitting on top.

To complete this beautiful piece, Custom made 925 Sterling Silver parts and a smaller round bead of the same material in between are set on the finish.

** There is uniquness on every bead (and specially the Head bead) for it's translusent quality that allows you to see the Natural grains of the horn from every angle!

This set has a good weight, excellent balance and playability! Ideal for every day heavy use, a collection, or a gift!  

Natural Buffalo Horn, Greek Komboloi decorated w/925 Sterling Silver

  • Weight 53 gr
    Materials Natural Horn/ 925 Sterling Silver 
    Color Brown, Beige, Grey, White, Silver
    Beads 25
    Bead size +/- 13.5 x 12 mm