Natural, non-dyed Quartzite is hard to find. Here, this lovely bracelet is made by this crystal in it's purest and finest form. Each "faceted" stone is individually polished showing wonterful luster & the natutal properties of this metamorphic rock. Antique style 925 Sterling Silver elements, and a durable multi-colored waterproof string with some nice hand-knotted details that gives it a funky Summer look.

Quartzite is known for its durability. Also White Quartzite is not much talked about, but it is one crystal that possesses some really amazing healing properties. White Quartzite is said to help you sustain positive changes in your life by preventing you to slip back to your previous state.

A lovely everyday wrist accessory for Men or Women, made with Natural Gemstones, 925 Silver, and durable materials. Perfect for a gift!

*Adjustable length 7 1/2 - 9 1/2" (19.5 - 24.13 cm) wrist.

Quartzite Natural Crystal, Handmade Bracelet w/925 Sterling Silver parts

  • Materials


    Quartzite, Sterling Silver

    Color White, Silver
    Length 7 1/2- 9 1/2 inches (19.5 - 24.13 cm) Adjustable
    Weight 15 gr
    Beads 26
    Bead Size +/- 8 x 8 mm