Top quality medium size Faturan komboloi with 27 beads and a matching head piece. The beads are individualy cut, drilled and have an ecxellent polish on them. A small Faturan bead is set between the custom made  Antique Sterling Silver parts on the finish. This is a handy size set with great playability. A unique Vintage Worry Bead set, in ecxellent condition, suitable for a collection, or for every day use.  

--In the bead trade, "Faturan" is thought to be a mixture of natural amber shavings with other materials, and is described as having been invented in the Middle East in the 18th or 19th century from a chemist called Arabic Esmaeel Almail Faturan. "Faturan" became the protected brand name of one particular German company who mass-produced synthetic resin in rod form for making beads. These beads are now rare, but rarer still are the handmade beads of Arava Faturan's time.

Unique Vintage Red Faturan Greek style Handmade Komboloi

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  • Weight 42 gr
    Material Faturan
    Color Red
    Beads 27
    Bead size +/- 10 x 13 mm