This is an "Anyolite" variety of the Zoisite mineral. The mix of green, red, and black make Anyolite an attractive stone for carvings, beads, and cabochons.

Here, Rubyzosite Semi Precious Stone beads are put together by hand in a Knotted Bracelet that is made in a Unisex style. Fashionable and trendy like the rest of the "Knotted Bracelet Collection". The water proof durable string will ensure it will stay on the wrist for a long time! An everyday trendy wrist accessorie for Men & Women, made of a natural Gemstone, and strong materials.

Rubyzosite Natural Gemstone Hand Knotted Bracelet

  • Materials Rubyzosite
    Color Green, Black, Red
    Length 7.87 inches/20 cm Adjustable
    Weight 11 gr
    Beads 9
    Bead Size +/- 8 x 13 mm