If you are looking for perfect conflict-free alternative to a mined fancy diamond, these stones are internally flawless, vivid in color and perfect brilliant cut with lots of shine.

Radiant Emarald cut, which results maximum light reflection and brilliance. Exact same cut and polish procedure and quality as, real fancy diamonds.The colors that this stone radiates are ocean blue. The stones we are using are of the highest quality in the market. They are set by hand with NO glue on solid 925° sterling Silver. Rhodium finished, for a lasting shine! Crafted beautifuly in our workshop, they are  adjustable size. Made to shine just like real fancy Diamonds and last for a lifetime, for a fraction of the price!

These rings are the perfect alternative to a fancy diamond engagement ring, or just a gift for any occasion. Suitable for a formal, or a special night out, but will perfectly match your casual everyday look! It's minimal design, makes it the perfect accessory for Women!

* Adjustable size 7-9 US.

Simulated Diamond Women's Ring, set on Rhodium Plated 925 Silver

  • Materials Simulated Diamond, 925 Sterling Silver, Rhodium finished
    Color Blue, Silver
    Sizes (US) Adjustable from 7-9 (US)
    Carat  Weight  6.5 ct
    Stones 1
    Stone Size +/-

    11.5 x 10.5 mm