Relatively new to the Jewelry world, Zultanite is one gemstone whose amazing Natural color changing abilities makes it well suited to savvy jewelry connoisseurs. As you watch its colors change from kiwi to champagne to raspberry, you too will be entranced by Zultanite’s 100% natural beauty. Also, depending on its light source, Zultanite’s color varies between a yellowish green, light gold, and purplish pink.

Zultanite is a rising star in fine jewelry due to its sparklingly brilliant tranquil colors. Like Tanzanite, Zultanite is so rare that it comes to you from only one source in the world, a remote mountain area in Anatolia, Turkey. Named by Murat Akgun in honor of the 36 sultans who ruled the Ottoman Empire in Anatolia in the late 13th century.


If for you fashion is all about getting attention, Zultanite is set to redefine your look.

Zultanite Gemstone M/size Stud Earrings, Hand-set on 925 Sterling Silver

  • Materials 925 Sterling Silver, Zultanite Gemstone
    Color Multicolor, Silver
    Length/Hang Stud
    Total Weight  2.5 gr
    Beads 2
    Earring Size 

    5 mm